XII International Studying Leadership Conference

Rome  14-16 December 2013











Copia di Programma-Italiano-2 Final at a glance programme (Excel)

Parallel Sessions Final Parallel Sessions (Excel)



Programme AT A GLANCE




Saturday Sunday Monday
At a glance
9,30-10,30 9,00-10,00 Parallel sessions 2a,2b,2c 9,00-10,00 Parallel sessions 3a, 3b,3c
10,30-11.30 10,00-11.00 Parallel sessions 2d,2e,2f 10,00-11.00 Parallel sessions 3d, 3e,3f
11,00-11,15 11,00-11,30 Coffee Break 11,00-11,30 Coffee Break
11,15-12,30 11,30-12,45 Plenary                     Keynote Speaker 2                      Riccardo Illy                                     Chair Prof. Danica Purg 11,30-12,45 Plenary Roundtable on Machiavelli’s The Prince: 500 years of legacy.                        J. Ciulla, B. Jackson, K. Grint, G. Sacco.
12,30-14,00 Registration 12,45-14,00 Lunch 12,45-13,15 Conclusions with B. Jackson, D. Tourish and A. Marturano. Chair K. Grint
14,00-15,00 Plenary Welcome Session Massimiliano Bracalè Swiss School of Management Representative Ministry of Economic Development                          On. Mirko Coratti President Rome City Council                               Renato Cuselli Fondirigenti Danica Purg IEDC                            Luisa Palladini Ding Li School Walter Deitinger AISLO 14,00-15,00 Parallel sessions 2g, 2h, 2i
15,00-16,00 Parallel sessions 1a,1b,1c 15,00-16,00 Parallel sessions 2l, 2m
16,00-16,15 Coffee Break 16,00-16,30 Coffee Break
16,15-17,30 Plenary                      Keynote Speaker 1                      Joanne Ciulla                                                      Chair Prof. Giuseppe Sacco? 16,30-17,45 Plenary                   Keynote Speaker 3        John Adair                                     Chair Prof. Jonathan Gosling
18,00-20,00 Welcome Reception at University of Washington Rome Centre Palazzio Pio – Campo de’ Fiori with a recital of Cosimo Cinieri 18,30 -19,30 Visit to Musei Capitolini
20,00-22,00 Gala Dinner at Fourseven Hotel Roof Garden


Saturday 14
Room A Room B Room C
15,00-16,00 PS 1a Chair Gareth Edwards University of West England 15,00-16,00 PS 2c Massimiliano Bracalè Swiss School of Management 15,00-16,00 PS 1c Chair Marco Innamorati Tor Vergata University, Rome
Educational Contexts and Value-based Leadership Models in Adolescence Rubat DuMerac RomaTre Can a copper mine be led towards sustainability? A critical review of relational leadership in practice J. Gosling Exeter University Emotional and Social Intelligence and Leadership Development in the Higher Education: Methodological Insights from the Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre Experience S, Bonesso Univ. Ca Foscari, Venezia
A Look at Sustainability and Leadership in Organizational Learning L. Steinhoff Regent University Are Ancient Structures Adequate Metaphors for Leadership Today? D. Greenhalgh Eastern University Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Refracted through Crisis: Creativity, Collectivity, Responsibility P. Myers London South Bank
Sunday 15
Room A Room B Room C
9,00-10,00 PS 2a Chair Joanne Ciulla Richmond Univ. 9,00-10,00 PS 2b Chair Norman Tanner Gregoriana University 9,00-10,00 PS 2c Andrea Velardi Rome Third Univ.
Legitimacy, social capital and ‘dirty hands’: a three-constituent approach to ethical leadership unders duress Paul Sanders Universitè de Reims Sacred and Secular Leadership Discourses: Interpreting Leadership in an Educational Framework Kathrine McIntosh A Dual-Process Approach to Leadership Attributions J. Lewandowski  Claremont Uni.
A Study on Sustainable Leadership in the Text of “Chuangtze” Guo Xin Shan Dong Normal University in China The Impact of Senior Pastor Leadership Behavior on Volunteer Motivation Steve Fogarty University of Auckland Co-constructed coaching as a leadership learning intervention: where’s the value? M. Iszatt-White Lancaster University
Human Freedom and Market Freedom: Responsible Leadership and Christian Anthropology Andrew Cuff The Catholic University of America
10,00-11.00 PS 2d Chair Jonathan Gosling Exeter University 10,00-11.00 PS 2e Janet Sutherland Perth University 10,00-11.00 PS 2f Richard Bolden Exeter University
Leadership for Social Innovation – The Role of Care and Compassion Nicola Pless ESADE Barcelona The symbolic violence of the representations of women’s leadership in the UK business press: 2008-2012 C. Elliott Durham University Fostering employee’s ethical conduct towards internal and external stakeholders: What works better, ethical leadership or fairness? Colina Frisch University of Zurich
Existential Leadership: ‘Good Faith’ in Contemporary Capitalism J. Jones Pittsburgh University The ethical challenges caused by paradox in leadership Mollie Painter-Morland Moral Development as a Measure of Sustainability within Organisations Jenny Davidson Northumbria University
14,00-15,00 PS 2g David Collinson Lancaster University 14,00-15,00 PS 2h D. Schedlitzki Univeristy of West England, Bristol 14,00-15,00 PS 2i Antonio Marturano  Swiss School of Management
Syn-kinetic leadership: a sustainable and holistic approach Chrysavgi Sklaveniti University of Srathclyde Organizational measurement systems and re-construction of the managerial role: creating the multi-responsible manager. Magnus Larsson Copenhagen Business School How Generation Y workers thrust into leadership make sense of the challenge Janet Sutherland Perth University
Addicted to leadership: causes, consequences and coping strategies Lucie Hartley and Richard Bolden Exeter University Leadership, more or less? D. Tourish Royal Holloway London LEADERSHIP IN GLOBAL VIRTUAL TEAMS J. Saarinen Aaalto University
15,00-16,00 PS 2l Chair M. Bligh Claremont University 15,00-16,00 PS 2m Danica Purg Bled School of Management 15,00-16,00 PS 2n Chair Magnus Larsson Copenhagen Business School
Portrait of a clinical leader B. Carroll Auckland University Emotional leadership in the arts. A study of the artistic profession and the following leadership challenges G. Wennes Trondheim Business School The Global Coaching Industry and the Production of Leadership E. Guthey Copenhagen Business School
So Long and Thanks for All The Fish. Sustaining or Silencing the Wisdom of the Ex Leader P.Cooper University College Cork The Role of Leaders in Learning from Workplace Mistakes M. Bligh Claremont University APOLOGY, LEGITIMACY AND LEADERSHIP THE CASE OF THE RENAULT-NISSAN CEO V. Petit EDHEC Nice
Monday 16
Room A Room B Room C
9,00-10,00 PS 3a Chair Nicola Pless ESADE Barcelona 9,00-10,00 PS 3b B. Carroll University of Auckland 9,00-10,00 PS 3c Paul Sanders Universitè de Reims
The promise of self-management and the actuality of leadership Zaleha Yazid National University of Malaysia Leadership and a Sense of Belonging: A Review of Two Biographical Accounts G. Edwards University of West England Bristol Bridging the gulf between sustainability norms and leadership theory Geoffrey Ahern University of Liverpool
Leadership as a placeholder in a transitioning organisation D. Schedlitzki Univeristy of West England, Bristol The Reappearing Practice of Leadership Vasilisa Takoeva University of Birmingham Focusing Leadership Vision:  Choosing the Right Lenses G. Farias Fairleigh Dickinson University
10,00-11.00 PS 3d Chair Keith Grint Warwick University 10,00-11.00 PS 3e Chair E. Guthey Copenhagen Business School 10,00-11.00 PS 3f Chair Brad Jackson University of Auckland
TBA Andrea Velardi Rome III Univ. Leadership, supervisory work, and organizational practices – A longitudinal study of supervisory work in a Finnish logistics centre T. Kostamo Aalto University Political Leadership and New Masculinities: Coping with Contexts – the Swedish Case J. Johansson  Malaredelen University Vasteras
UNDERSTANDING ENTREPRNEURIAL LEADERSHIP THE CONSTRUCT AND ITS PERSPECTIVE R. Kozlowski The University of Economics in Katowice Entrepreneurial values, transcendental virtues and  CSR orientation in  Italian SMEs Mara Del Baldo Università di Urbimo Leadership and Authority in a Crises-constructing World O’Reilly Lancaster University

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